The West Olympia Farmers’ Market relies on the amazing work and support of our community members.  Your help makes all the difference in the progress and growth of your neighborhood  farmers’ market.  Volunteering at the market not only gives you community hours, service-learning hours, and experience for your resume, but it is immensely fulfilling to contribute to your local community.  To show our appreciation to our volunteers, we offer market bucks to all volunteers willing to spend at least 10 hours per month in the West Olympia Farmers’ Market.  Come talk with us and be a part of your neighborhood community!

Dancing Veggies

Attendance Counters

Attendance Counters help our market gather vital data contributed to the success of the market.  Understanding our flow of traffic on a day-to-day and hour-to-hour basis helps us establish a marketing strategy, accommodate for heavy and light traffic, understand who is coming to our market, and so much more.  Discovering our local neighborhood needs is important to us and Attendance Counters help us achieve this goal.

Attendance Counters will have a tally counter device to count all individuals at the market.  Starting at the beginning of the shift a head count will be taken and recorded, then every half hour thereafter.  Attendance Counters will observe the market and will give a brief overview of our audience at the end of his/her shift.

  • Early Evening Shift – Tuesdays by 4:00 PM until 5:30 PM
  • Late Evening Shift – Tuesdays by 5:30 PM until 7:00 PM
  • Morning Shift – Saturdays by 10:00 AM until 11:30 AM
  • Afternoon Shift – Saturdays by 11:30 AM until 1:00 PM

Attendance Counters are encouraged to stay for a full market day (Tuesdays 4-7pm or Saturdays 10am-1pm), but are definitely not required to.  We understand our schedules can be limited and will appreciate any help you are willing to give!

Board Member

For a more long-term commitment to the market, you can serve on the Board of Directors. Community members can apply to serve on the Board of Directors for the farmers’ market. We are always looking for skilled and committed volunteers from the community to weigh in on the important decision-making for WOLYFM. Board members can expect approximately 6 hours a month being dedicated to a board meeting and preparation. You can view our application here.

Market Photographer and/or Videographer (For Social Media)

Help spread awareness in the community by capturing the memorable moments in our market throughout the season.  Market Photographers/Videographers will be asked to capture pictures/videos of vendors, special events, and general candids. When capturing candids of customers, Market Photographers/Videographers must be comfortable asking permission before taking pictures/videos.  Photos will be used in newsletters, social media, and other uses for market promotion, thus rights to the photos will belong to the West Olympia Farmers’ Market.  Market Photographers/Videographers are welcome to use the camera of their choosing, but will need to use a smart device when taking pictures for social media posts throughout open market days–this device can be provided by the market manager.

Market Photographers/Videographers are encouraged to come to all special events.  We would like to see a dedication of four or more hours each month. However, a schedule can be arranged with the market manager to accommodate a suitable schedule.

Setup/Teardown Helper

The West Olympia Farmers’ Market needs helpers to help setup and teardown the market each market day. This will include:

  • setting up and tearing down canopies
  • securing weights to canopies
  • moving and setting up folding tables
  • helping vendors carry equipment
  • rearranging picnic tables for events
  • setting up signage for the market
  • general booth and table setup and teardown
  • monitoring and picking up trash in the park
  • assisting vendors in breaks when needed

Setup will start 1 hour before each market opening day. Teardown will start at each market closing day and will last 1-2 hours after market closes.

Sign Dancer

Sign Dancers have an exciting and fun task of welcoming our local neighborhood to our market.  Sign dancers will strut along Harrison Avenue and Division Street with a West Olympia Farmers’ Market sign to let people know that we are open for business!  For extra fun, vegetable and fruit costume can be requested a couple days in advance.  Sign Dancers can dance as little as an hour or the full day (3 hours) on open market days.

Poster and Flyer Distributor

One of the most important tasks for our market is to get the word out!  As a poster and flyer distributor, we will provide you with printed materials and you will take an adventure around town with our posters and flyers to post on community boards at restaurants/cafes, fitness facilities, community centers, shops, public houses, laundromats, and other places around Thurston County.

Our most import flyer distribution day is on the Sunday setup day, before market opening day.  We will setup our tents, then introduce ourselves around the neighborhood to pass out flyers and welcome them to our market. This will be an exciting day!